Alloy Wheel Repair Surrey from

Alloy Wheel Repair Surrey from

Author: Gareth Hoyle

Alloy wheels can enhance the look and feel of your car but unfortunately they are prone to damage. This can make your smart, expensive wheels look tired and shabby. However you can get professional alloy wheel repair services that can fix most of the scuffs, scratches, scrapes and chips in your alloy wheels. This can not only make your wheels look as good as new again but will also add value on to your car if you want to resell it in the future.

Alloy Wheels Refurbishing

A professional repair service will have all the tools and experience required to repair alloy wheels. The wheels will be removed from the car and the tire deflated. This will allow the technician to push the tire back to expose the full face of the wheel.  They will then identify the areas for repair. With light scuffing the rims are rubbed down flat to create a smooth surface again and the wheel is polished to bring back the shine. In areas of deep damage the scratches, chips or gouges are filled and then rubbed back. The wheel will then be primed and repainted. Alloy wheels that have become discoloured or tarnished are also rubbed back and repainted. Infrared lamps can be used to speed up the drying process and you could have your alloy wheels fully repaired in just one day. Repainting an alloy wheel is a skill and it takes a lot of practise to achieve a good finish so this will need to be carried out by a professional. Professional alloy wheel repair services will not re-chrome wheels as this is a very difficult and expensive process. However they can repair your alloy wheels and provide new finishes that make them look bright and tidy again.

Lacquer Finishes

It is important if you are having your alloy wheels repaired to get them finished with a new coat of lacquer. This creates a barrier to protect the paintwork against brake dust and road salts. This can be expensive but it is worthwhile paying for a top quality lacquer as this will ensure your wheels will wear as long as possible.

Grinding and Polishing

Professional alloy wheel repair centres have specialist grinding and polishing equipment which can achieve excellent results without damaging the metal of alloy wheels. Polished metal is very vulnerable to corrosion so a lacquer finish will need to be added quickly once this stage has been completed.

Split Rims

Alloy wheels can suffer from split rims. This can ruin the wheel and make it unusable. Professional services can repair split rims but this can take a few days. It is difficult to remove all signs of corrosion that can result from split rims so your wheels will never be quite as ‘good as new’. Another option is to pay for complete replacement rims. This can be a good idea as replacements should last longer and provide a better finish than repaired split rims.

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