Alloy Wheel Repair Hudson Valley Ny

Looking for alloy wheel repair and alloy rim repair in the greater Hudson Valley NY area?

I GUARANTEE your bent rim will mount, balance and hold air… Or I won’t charge you a dime!

alloy wheel repair owner manny HerediaHi, my name is Manny and I am the owner and founder of Rims Like New, an alloy wheel repair service in Orange County NY.

Allow us the opportunity to help you repair your cracked, bent and scratched rims and wheels. We service the entire Hudson Valley NY area, including parts of  NJ, PA & CT

Will you make these common MISTAKES when choosing an alloy rim repair service?

    •  How LONG are they in business? We are one of the oldest Rim Repair company’s in Orange County, serving the community since 2004. By CONTRAST many New York rim repair services have opened for business in the last few months. Choose a company that has a TRACK record of at leasy 5 years in business.


    • How much EXPERIENCE will the rim technician that repairs my wheel have? Since we have been repairing wheels since 2004, our technicians have repaired THOUSANDS of wheels each and every year they have been with us. What does this mean for you? Simply this, our years of experience allow us to fix many of the unique repair situations that others may not be able to handle.


    • Do they offer a GUARANTY in writing? Rims Like New is the FIRST New York rims repair company to put their guaranty in writing. In fact our Guaranty is PRINTED clearly on every invoice we use. If the other wheel repair companies will not be willing put it in writing then DO NOT use them. (See Below)


Here at Rims Like New, we strive to produce the highest possible quality for a repair that we can attain. We will tell you upfront what we can and cant do. Our founder Manny Jr spent 20 years in the engineering field, resolving problems is one of our strengths. Please allow us to help you find affordable solutions for your repair needs.

Here is my personal alloy wheel repair guarantee to you:

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Certified Wheel Technicians
  • WE Offer The Most Economical Solution’s
  • WE will walk you through the entire process
  • I GUARANTEE your bent rim will mount, balance and hold air… or I won’t charge you a dime!

“Call Rims Like New… WHEN IT HAS TO BE RIGHT”

Contact us now for a free quote on getting your alloy wheel repair or rim repair!


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