Get your alloy wheels refurbished by a reputable alloy wheel repair specialist

Get your alloy wheels refurbished by a reputable alloy wheel repair specialist

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Alloy wheels are an item of luxury on any vehicle and it brings a different dimension to the vehicle it is applied to. Once you get a chip, dent or scratch on your wheels it could be painful to the pocket. The immediate reaction to such an event is “oh no…I have to get another and spend 100s” but do not feel bad as there is an alternative to buying a new set! Yes, you can now have them reconditioned! Instead of getting your Alloys replaced you can now have them repaired using powder coating refurbishing techniques and sprayed to your original colour and finish. This is a professional and unique technique and a service that is only provided by a few alloy refurb specialists around the country. The Refurbishment Process is done by a method called shot-blasting. This method completely removes all the lacquer and paint finishes from the alloy. The alloy wheel is then repair i.e. curb damage, scuffs and scratches etc. The wheel is then heated up in a low bake oven. Once heated a thin powder coating is applied, followed by a wet coat and then a thin final coat of lacquer is applied to give a longer lasting protection to your alloy wheel. There are many different colours and finishes to choose from. We will always try and cater for individual colour requests, shades and finishes. This cost effective process saves you a lot of money and in most cases you will have them looking brand new within 24 hours! Get your Alloy wheels repair with a same day service by If you are a trade customer and do not have the machinery or expertise to setup such a service then we can help. You can outsource the job to us and we will get the job back to you with 48 hours. We guarantee our service, reliability and pride ourselves on quality. A full alloy wheel refurb ensures a top quality longer lasting finish unlike many short term smart repairs. A very competitive trade price will be offered especially for any future ongoing refurbishments Find out more about alloy wheels repair and refurbishment company Click on Alloy wheel repair specialists


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