The 5 types of Aluminum Wheel Finishes Middletown NY

Do you know what the 5 types of aluminum wheel finishes are in Middletown NY?

In today’s guest article we will discuss the differences between the 5 kinds of rim finishes available for you to choose from.

The Low-Down on Alloy Wheel Finishes

For all of you reading this article, there are 5 types of Aluminum Wheel Finishes:

1. Painted
2. Polished
3. Machined / Brushed Aluminum
4. Two Toned
5. Chrome

I’m here to clear up some confusion.. if you’re still wondering about them. You might want to take notes. Just kidding.

Painted Aluminum Wheels can come in Silver, Blue, Black, or pretty much any color that your little heart desires. The most common color is of course Silver, but I have seen some 2006 Ford Mustang Rims come in Blue! I know, right? But hey, it matches the car so it looks pretty good. Another painted finish is Hyper Silver. Okay, so you know how Silver is just like.. plain? Hyper Silver is Silver, but has a shine to it. Think of Silver as a person who meets regular standards & Hyper Silver as a person who goes above & beyond-which is why he shines so much. Got it? Get it? Good.

The polished finish is just pretty much a shiny look on the wheel. Think of it as a shiny ring.. kind of. If you put a chrome & polished OEM wheel together, then you’ll know the difference in a second. If you look at the 2008 GMC Yukon XL 1500 Wheels, you’ll see a polished Factory Rim & a chromed Original Wheel. See how the polished finish is not as bright as the chrome?

Machined / Brushed Aluminum is the finish that looks like there’s a bunch of little lines/scratches on the face of the wheel. It kind of looks like a Stainless Steel Fridge.. if you have one or have ever seen one before. This is the typical finish seen most cars. Probably even yours, and you didn’t even know it until I told you.

Two Toned wheels have a chrome and a painted accent. They add “flair” to the wheel. The painted portion of the wheel can come in any color; whether you want it to be the same color of your vehicle or not. When you see these wheels, you’ll notice that the edge of the rim & some of the spokes are chromed while the other spokes are painted. It really is a simple process.. for the people that do this everyday.

The last finish is a chrome finish, which is the easiest finish out of all of them. Why? Because when you look at a chrome wheel you see your reflection. Chrome does not only come on Aluminum wheels, but also on Steel wheels. Thinking about it, I think you can chrome any OEM wheel; whether it’s an old steel wheel or new aluminum one-chrome is always an option.

It really is up to you about how you want your wheels to look like; any wheel can be sanded down to be chromed and any wheel can be chrome plated. So now you’re a wizard at the different Alloy finishes. Hooray.

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There you have it, 5 different finishes that you can choose for your cars wheels. Since your wheels will be such a big investment on your part it is best to keep them clean. If they get damaged, scratched or bent then give us a call so we can explain our special value pricing to handle your alloy wheel repair.